Every golfer needs to know their numbers!

Do you know your club head speed, angle of attack, swing path and face angles at impact?
Do you know that the angle of your clubface at impact has a 75% to 85% influence on the direction your ball starts on?
Do you know that the difference between the path your club swings on and the angle of the face at impact will determine how much your shot will curve?
Do you know that backspin is caused primarily by the difference between your attack angle and the loft on the club at impact?

Without this kind of knowledge you are simply not improving as efficiently as you could be, if indeed you are improving at all. Equally, you won’t know if you’re using the most suitable clubs and ball for your game.

Within just one short session using GC2 and HMT launch monitors you will know exactly what effect your swing mechanics and set up have on your ball flight.

For the more experienced amongst you, you can finally know exactly what you’ve been doing all these years. The results can be truly surprising and the improvements often instant.

For the less experienced, you can be assured you are going to learn this great game as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Each time you book a session at the school you’ll also get a complimentary copy of your personal data emailed directly to you.

Odyssesy Putters now in stock

We now have a comprehensive range of Odyssey putters in stock, including White Hot Pro, Versa, Metal X milled and the innovative new Tank and Tank Cruiser models (see link ) featuring counter balancing weights in the grip end of the putter.
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